Rules and deadlines for participation in the BAIFF
Burano Artificial Intelligence Film Festival

Article 1: Eligibility
1.1 Films admitted to the competition must have been completed between 01 January 2023 and 01 August 2024.
1.2 Films admitted to the competition must have been made completely or partially with the aid of AI software which must be clearly indicated, without omissions, on the entry form.
Article 2: Submission
2.1 Filmmakers must submit their films by 01 September 2024 via the Film Freeway website ( Submission methods other than the one indicated (email, whatsapp and social channels) are not permitted.
2.2 The submission must compulsorily include, under penalty of ineligibility:
* A completed entry form on
* An information sheet for all films accurately describing how and what content was generated with the support of AI.
* Films must be submitted in digital format compatible with BAIFF projection equipment (DCP, ProRes, H.264/265, MP4).
* Italian subtitles in .SRT format. Filmmakers may request translation at a cost of €150 + VAT (for short films lasting no more than 10min., each minute or fraction thereof will be charged €25 + VAT)
* A trailer with Italian subtitles in .SRT format.
Article 3: Entry costs
3.1 The entry fee for BAIFF is set according to the terms and conditions of the FilmFreeway website ( for short films.
The fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.
Article 4: Selection
4.1 The selection of films for the BAIFF will be made at the discretion of the festival’s programming team.
4.2 Filmmakers will be notified by email by 30 September 2024 if their film is found to be the winner of one of the prizes awarded by the jury/scientific committee.
Article 5: Festival Screening
5.1 Selected filmmakers must provide a high quality digital copy of their film for the festival screenings.
5.2 Filmmakers are responsible for ensuring that their film is free of technical problems.
Article 6: Permissions
6.1 Filmmakers are responsible for obtaining all necessary permits, licences and releases for the use of any copyrighted material contained in their films.
Article 7: Publicity
7.1 Selected filmmakers grant BAIFF the right to use their names, images and images/clips from their films for publicity and promotional purposes of the festival.
Article 8: Liability
8.1 Filmmakers release the BAIFF from all claims, liabilities, damages and expenses arising from the screening of their film.
Article 9: Disqualification
9.1 The BAIFF reserves the right to disallow or disqualify any film that, even at a later date, fails to comply with the festival rules or admission criteria (technical specifications, etc.).
Article 10: Withdrawal
10.1 Filmmakers may withdraw their film from the competition at any time by sending a request by email to
Article 11: Acceptance
11.1 Participation in the BAIFF implies full acceptance of these regulations. BAIFF reserves the right to unilaterally amend these rules at any time.
Article 12: Disputes
12.1 Any disputes shall be settled in accordance with current Italian law, in compliance with the European AI ACT and the competent court of jurisdiction is Venice.
Article 13: Prizes
13.1 BAIFF will award prizes to the films selected by the programming team. The prizes will be announced during the award ceremony.
13.2 In no case will cash prizes be awarded.
Article 14: Screening Schedule
14.1 BAIFF shall determine the screening schedule for the selected films independently.
Article 15: Participation
15.1 Attendance in the presence of the filmmakers at the festival is strongly encouraged but not compulsory and under no circumstances will it prejudice or be an advantage for the awarding of any prizes/prizes by the jury or the scientific committee
Article 16: Accommodation and travel for filmmakers, producers and film crews
16.1 BAIFF does not provide travel or accommodation for directors, producers and film crews. However, it may provide assistance in finding accommodation.
Article 17: Confidentiality
17.1 The BAIFF will keep all submitted films confidential and will not share them with third parties.
17.2 BAIFF may dispose of material submitted by participants for the duration of 12 months+6 months without further authorisation from the authors, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the individual authors.
Article 18: Feedback
18.1The BAIFF team, jury and scientific programming committee will under no circumstances provide feedback on non-selected films.


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