The first European festival dedicated to films made with A.I.

Welcome to the
BAIFF Burano Artificial Intelligence Film Festival

Get ready for an unprecedented cinematic experience, where art meets technology and imagination pushes the boundaries of the possible.
BAIFF – Burano Artificial Intelligence Film Festival awaits you for its second edition, a unique event celebrating the marriage of artificial intelligence and the seventh art.

A stage for visionary creativity

At BAIFF, the spotlight will be on short films made using artificial intelligence, exploring the infinite narrative possibilities that this revolutionary technology offers the world of cinema. Get ready to discover breathtaking stories, never-before-seen special effects, and new forms of artistic expression that will leave you breathless.

An unforgettable experience in Burano

The festival takes place in the picturesque setting of Burano, a Venetian island famous for its colorful houses and magical atmosphere. The perfect setting for an event that celebrates the fusion of tradition and innovation, timeless beauty, and the visionary power of artificial intelligence.

Join us for the future of cinema

If you are a film buff, a technological innovator or simply curious to discover new artistic frontiers, BAIFF is the event for you. Come to Burano and witness the birth of a new era of cinema, where artificial intelligence amplifies narrative possibilities and takes the seventh art to unexplored horizons.

  • Watch films made with the aid of artificial intelligence, revolutionizing languages and production techniques.
  • Discover how AI can inspire new stories and film genres, opening up new horizons for creativity.
  • Meet the pioneers of this revolution, and participate in workshops and debates to explore the implications and potential of AI in cinema.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of cinema history!

Take this opportunity to show the world your talent.

BAIFF is not just a festival,
BAIFF is a movement.

It combines the timeless beauty of venetian island of Burano with the visionary power of artificial intelligence, creating an unforgettable experience that celebrates the power of this new technology to shape the cinema of the near future. BAIFF is also much more, an unmissable occasion for film, technology and innovation enthusiasts, a fascinating journey at the intersection of art and artificial intelligence, a meeting point for the unrivalled international community of filmmakers and creatives.




Our Speakers:

“If it can be written, or thought,
it can be made into a film.


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