2023 Awarded Film

Visionary Award (Red Gaia)

award recognizing the film that best exemplifies the seamless integration of human creativity and artificial intelligence, illustrating a harmonious synergy between AI technologies and humanity’s cultural heritage.

Luminary Award (Red Gaia)

This award recognizes the film that shows the most innovative and pioneering use of artificial intelligence in storytelling, cinematography or the entire production process.



Emerging AI Filmmaker Awards (Crest):

This award celebrates the achievements of emerging filmmakers who have demonstrated exceptional talent and creativity in using AI technologies to tell compelling stories on the big screen.



AI Ethical Award (AI LA PASS)

This award celebrates the film that raises challenging questions about the ethical implications of AI in society, encouraging meaningful discussions about the responsible use of AI in filmmaking.

Documentary Award (AI LA PASS)

This award recognizes documentary films that show the power of AI in uncovering hidden insights, conducting research, and presenting information in a compelling and enlightening way.


Cinematic Singularity Award (Dear Humans):

This award celebrates the film that effectively blurs the line between human-produced and artificial intelligence-generated content, achieving a state of cinematic singularity in which audiences are captivated by the seamless fusion of artificial intelligence and human art.



AI in Screenwriting Distinction (Intelligentia):

This award celebrates the film that shows the most compelling use of AI technologies in the screenwriting process, demonstrating how AI can help and inspire screenwriters to create engaging stories.



AI prediction Award (The human future: a case for optimism):

This award celebrates the film that best describes hypothetical upcoming scenarios of AI-supported humanity.



Social Media Impact Award (Comments):
This award is for the film that, through a compelling and touching narrative, addressed the issue of social media and cyber bullying in a profound way and helped raise awareness of this important social issue. The film demonstrated the power of cinema in highlighting the challenges and consequences of cyber bullying, promoting reflection and action to combat this harmful phenomenon.


Best Exploration of Human-Machine Discomfort Award (The man behind the machine)

This award is given to the film that dealt in an extraordinary and engaging way with the theme of unease in the relationship between man and machine. Through a compelling narrative, the film explored the complex dynamics of this relationship, highlighting the challenges, emotions and reflections that arise when humanity interacts with technology in profound and often disconcerting ways. The film brought to light the psychological, social and ethical consequences of this interaction, prompting audiences to reflect on the future of human-machine coexistence.



Contemporary Heroes Spirit Award (wayward gods):

The award celebrates the film that transformed traditional legends and myths into a conteporary narrative, demonstrating how AI can be used to bring back to life and renew the epic stories of the past.



Defender of Social Democracy Award (Beyond the reset):

This award celebrates the film that dealt in an extraordinary and provocative way with catastrophic scenarios of an anti-democratic society. Through a compelling narrative, the film painted a disturbing picture of a future in which democratic principles are threatened or subverted.


Safe Online Navigation Award (ZWART):

This award is dedicated to the film that focused attention on the issue of privacy in the digital world by prompting the audience to reflect on the importance of protecting personal data in the increasingly connected world.


AI Experimental Artist Award (Hysteresis):

This award celebrates the extraordinary fusion of visual arts, performance, film, and artificial intelligence into one creative work.



This award recognizes the film that dealt in an extraordinary way with humanity’s future difficulty in adapting to other planets. Through a compelling narrative, the film highlights the challenges and consequences of a future in which adaptation to other worlds proves nearly impossible.


Emotional Award (VERA):

To the film that proved to deeply touch viewers’ emotions through the creative and intelligent use of animation technology to create compelling stories, characters and emotional experiences.



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